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    " provides alaskans access to DMV-Approved online traffic course. "

    Press Release
    August 27, 2001

    " Once upon a time going to traffic school meant spending your Saturdays in a classroom and listening to a boring instructor who, like you, would rather be someplace else. . . . entrepreneurs in Nevada have come to the rescue and have created a cutting edge concept, online traffic schools. "

    ABC NEWS Back to School
    by Cindy Soltoff
    May 1, 2000

    " For people with hectic work schedules and family commitments, this can be the best hope of completing a traffic safety course without going AWOL from the rest of life for a day. . .The text was spunky . . . . Best of all, it was possible to stop the course, catch up with life's interruptions, and then resume when convenient. "

    AAA Homeschool for traffic offenders
    by George Anders
    AAA's VIA Magazine
    May/June 2000

    " The San Diego Municipal Court just certified TrafficSchoolOnline to offer road scofflaws their rehabilitation lessons in cyberspace. Motorists convicted of speeding or bad left turns don't have to drive to traffic school anymore. Now they can learn freeway etiquette behind the wheel of their personal computer. . . . A spokeswoman for San Diego Municipal Court welcomed the new online service. "Traffic school has evolved quite a bit," noted Sharon Cole, deputy court administrator. "

    Tribune San Diego Union-Tribune
    April 30, 1998

    " So you got yourself a traffic ticket. You have a choice: Prepare to see your insurance premiums skyrocket or go to traffic school. Choose traffic school and be ready to face eight hours in a classroom in the company of surly, bored teenagers and well-meaning instructors who pepper their deliveries with bad jokes. Or you can use the Internet. . . .

    Dave Coleman, head of the non-profit Coordinated Court Services, which monitors and certifies traffic schools for various courts around Nevada, called Traffic School Online a well-designed program and has recommended that county courts approve its use. "[Traffic School Online] is one of the better home-study courses," Coleman said. "They've obviously put a lot of time and money into it. "

    Mercury San Jose Mercury News
    March 3, 1998

    " Welcome to the new traffic school: no bad comics, no bloody-asphalt videos, no teenage speed demon in the next seat. Now traffic offenders can clean up their driving records by logging onto the Web from a personal computer. . . . Cyberclasses arrived in the Bay Area in December, when San Mateo approved a course offered by Santa Rosa's "

    San Francisco Chronicle
    July 3, 1998

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